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Cricketzzz Inc.®, (pronounced Crickets) designs and manufactures luxury kids’ sleeping bags. The three zzz symbolize sleeping and are often found in many Cricketzzz product names. In June 2004, Cricketzzz founders Beth Lewis and Glenda Weaver shared a vision to delight children who dream of taking the comfort of home to grandma’s house, a sleepover, a slumber party, or to camp. We took this vision and launched Cricketzzz with entrepreneurial spirit!

At Cricketzzz, our commitment is to create high quality, stylish sleeping bags using whimsical colors and patterns kids will love. We design our ultra-soft sleeping bags keeping in mind that a child will want to live in it! Whether our sleeping bags are being adored at a sleepover, slumber party, at a grandparent’s home, or summer camp, we want that child’s experience away from home to be the best experience ever. We never cut corners! We find the hippest, plushest fabrics and integrate them into every product.

Since its inception, Cricketzzz has been featured in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, on the Good Day Atlanta Show, NBC's Today Show and in many other publications, recognized for charitable contributions as well as earning a reputation as an exclusive designer of children's sleeping bags.

Our promise is to give back to those who have helped us grow. To our U.S. suppliers, partners, and manufacturers; we hope to improve all the American companies who have improved us. Our hope is that you will help us contribute to our non-profit manufacturing facility who has placed hundreds of disabled citizens into jobs. This program offers them the ability to be trained to perform specific tasks while preparing them for full-time employment elsewhere in America.

For over 10 years we have earned trust from many due to our superior quality and customer service. This has set us apart from other sleeping bag companies. Children get attached to special things they love. When they do, they want to keep them forever. Cricketzzz Slumber Bags are made to be keepsakes! Now you have the opportunity to create a night for a child they will want to last forever! If this is your first Cricketzzz experience, you have just found the perfect gift for a child, grandchild or best friend!
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